Friday, April 10, 2009

Parkzone P-51D Mustang RTF Electric

You won't need anything to get this sharp-looking plane up and into the air. Everything that's needed to fly is included in the box!

One-box purchase - you get everything you need to get into the air, including the FM transmitter, batteries, and a variable rate DC peak charger
3-cell Li-Po battery compatible
Mode-Change Flight Control System that is accessed via two transmitter-selectable flight modes
Powerful 480 motor with gear reduction
Authentic, factory-applied paint scheme and decals
Proportional elevator, throttle, and aileron controls
Realistic scale appearance, features, and flight behavior
Reusable 27MHz proprietary radio system with receiver/ESC module, and separate 5-wire servo motors
One-piece, semi-symmetrically shaped wing
Three jumpers on the receiver - one for LiPo compatability, one for use on a V-tail plane, and one for using Flight Trak
Fast and swift flight characteristics - small field and aerobatic capabilities

Wing Span: 39.5 in / 1000mm
Overall Length: 34.0 in / 860mm
Flying Weight: 29.0 oz / 820g
Motor Size: 480 power with gearbox
Radio: Proportional 3-channel FM
Servos: Two removable 5 wire servos that along with Rx, can be used in other speed 370 or 480-class electric aircraft
Trim Scheme Colors: Silver fuselage with black and white invasion stripes, olive drab wing top and silver wing bottom
Prop Size: 10 x 8
Speed Control: Power FET proportional ESC/receiver
Recommended Battery: 9-cell 10.8V 1000mAh Ni-MH
Aileron: Proportional
Elevator: Proportional
Throttle: Proportional
Approx. Flying Duration: 15 minutes
Approx. Assembly Time: 10-15 minutes
Gear Ratio: 3:1
Transmitter Range: 2500 feet (762m)
Available Frequencies: 6 frequencies on 27MHz
X-Port: Equipped with X-Port connector, but there's no external port, so minor modifications will need to be made to the fuselage. We will have information up on the web soon about how to do this.
Charger: Variable rate DC peak - charges 5-10 cell Ni-MH batteries
Landing Gear: No

As the most successful fighter of World War II, the P-51D Mustang still thrills thousands of people today in air shows and races around the world. Now park flyer fans can experience Mustang thrills on a smaller scale with this fully aerobatic Charge-and-Fly reproduction from ParkZone. And getting it airborne is about as simple as it gets. Just attach the wing and tail, connect the battery to the charger, and in as little as 40 minutes, you're flying.

Once in the air, you can choose between two flight modes – A or B – with just the flip of a transmitter switch. Mode "A" limits the amount of control surface travel for transitioning pilots so maneuvers are smooth and manageable. Mode "B" grants an experienced pilot maximum control surface movement for high-energy Mustang maneuvers, such as loops, victory rolls, Cuban-8's, and more.

More advanced park flyer pilots will be pleased to know that the Mustang's receiver/ESC module and two servos can be removed and used in other speed 370 or 400-class electric aircraft. That list includes V-tails and delta wings, thanks to selectable control mixing in the receiver. The receiver is also equipped with an X-Port connector, but not an external port, and the speed control’s auto-cutoff can be adjusted to work with 3-cell Li-Po battery packs.

Like all other ParkZone planes, the P-51D has, in one box, everything you need to get flying. Outstanding flight performance and exciting warbird realism await you – with the ParkZone P-51D Mustang, you get it all!

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