Saturday, April 18, 2009

Exergen Precision Infra Red Temperature Gun

Handheld Infrared Temperature Gun. This is a high end temperature gun. It is so good it has been calibrated by NIST (The National Institute of Standards and Technology). Because it is NIST traceable, it can be used as a primary calibrator for other temperature devices. It functions can provide continuous temperature measurements, or it can record the highest temperature as it is moved across a surface. It features the DX patented AECS (Automatic Emissivity Compensation system) which helps it avoid errors due to other sources of incident radiation that cause inaccuracy in lower end temperature guns. It features temperature resolution to 0.1 Deg F or 0.1 Deg C. It measures temperatures from -50 to 550 Deg F (-45 to 287 Deg C). If you need fast, accurate, and extremely reliable temperature measurements, this is temperature gun for you.

Save 24% - $256.91

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