Sunday, April 26, 2009

Novak Rooster Crawler Brushed ESC

2 specifically designed crawling driving profiles which feature Zero Reverse Delay, and high-powered Drag Brakes (or "Hill" or "Hold" brakes)
Built-in Li-Poly Cutoff Protection (Profile 2)
Water-Resistant Case
Heavy-Duty 6 Volt / 5 Amp BEC
Direct-Solder Wiring Tabs
User Replaceable Input Harness
Novak's One-Touch Set-Up
Built-in Power Output for Optional 6V Accessory Fan (#5648)
Novak's Radio-Priority Circuitry
Novak's Polar Drive Circuitry
Thermal Overload Protection
Designed and Assembled by Novak in the USA using globally sourced components

Forward/Reverse: Forward and Reverse
Input Voltage: 4-7 Ni-Cd/Ni-MH cells (1.2V/cell) or 2 Li-Poly cells
Footprint: 1.54" x 1.18" (39 x 30 mm)
Weight: 2.66 oz. (75.5 g) w/wires; 1.57 oz. (44.5 g) w/o wires
On-Resistance: 0.0014 ohms (forward); 0.0028 ohms (reverse)*
Rated Current: 400 amps* (forward)

Braking Current: 200 amps*
BEC: 6.0 volt/5.0 amp
Motor Limit 27-turn brushed (at 6 cells Ni-MH)
Discrete Steps: 256 Forward; 256 Reverse
Battery Plug: Tamiya
Motor Plug Bullet connectors
Drive Profiles: 2
Status LEDs: 2
Voltage Cut-off: 6.25 volts (Li-Poly Profiles)

One of Novak's most popular brushed ESCs, the Rooster, is now available in a Crawler edition. Because crawler vehicles require such precise movement control at low speeds, it only makes sense to use equipment specifically designed for this purpose. Novak is one of the few, if not the only R/C manufacturer, who offers a speed control specifically designed for crawlers. So if crawling is what you like to do, you'll want to take a good look at Novak's Rooster Crawler-Edition.

Besides a different case label, the Rooster Crawler looks the same as the Rooster 12T. Same small footprint, same heat sink assembly, and same 14-gauge power wires on PCB-direct solder tabs for easy soldering. Inside the orange case, however, is where crawler-specific software transforms the Rooster into a Crawler. The special software enables crawler applications to scale, navigate, and conquer the most challenging terrain.

The Rooster Crawler is equipped with an improved 6 volt/ 5 amp BEC that's perfect for super high-torque servos in crawling conditions. Its Zero Reverse Delay allows instant power delivery in both forward and reverse when needed. High-power Drag Brakes provide monster holding power that's especially useful when embarking on a downhill descent. And yes, the Rooster Crawler edition includes the newest must-have
Link feature: built-in Li-Po cut-off protection. This feature monitors the vehicle's Lithium Polymer battery pack's voltage, and prevents the batteries from going below the critical safety voltage level. The driver is cued via throttle blips when the voltage drops to a certain level. After 20 blips it then shuts off, however, full control of the steering servo is left intact. The Li-Po cut-off protection feature can be enabled or disabled via the ESC's two throttle profiles.

Other Rooster Crawler features include a water-resistant case, a user-replaceable input harness, and auxiliary fan connectors. Of course, all the standard features for which Novak is known are also included: One-Touch Set-Up, Radio-Priority Circuitry, Polar Drive Circuitry, and Thermal Overload Protection.

The Rooster Crawler is compatible with single and dual brushed motor crawler applications such as a single Mabuchi 27-turn motor or dual 35 to 55-turn lathe motors.


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