Thursday, April 9, 2009

Parkzone Firebird Phantom RTF Electric

  • Proportional FM 3-channel control through throttle, steering and pitch with a 1,300-foot range and digital trims
  • 7-cell 300mAh battery pack for up to 8 minutes of flying fun
  • AC wall adapter and DC auto charger so batteries can be charged wherever it’s convenient
  • Soft nose provides added durability in the case of a hard landing or crash
The Firebird Phantom® is your ticket to the easiest RC flying experience ever. Equipped with HobbyZone’s revolutionary Anti-Crash Technology (ACT™) for added safety and security, the Firebird Phantom is the ultimate plane if you have never flown before. You can be up and flying solo on your very first flight. It’s that easy.

At the heart of this simplicity is HobbyZone’s Anti-Crash Technology system that helps prevent crashes from over-control. If you’ve never flown before, turn the ACT on so the sensors monitor the position of the plane. If the plane enters a dive and the sensors detect that the plane’s orientation is incorrect, the system will automatically correct the control inputs and help prevent the plane from crashing, allowing you time to regain control. After you’ve mastered the basics, you can turn off ACT for complete control and increased maneuverability.

Additionally, the Firebird Phantom has 3 channels with true control of rudder, elevator and throttle, making the transition to flying more advanced aircraft easier.

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