Monday, March 16, 2009

Tekno Brushless Conversion Kit for Revo 2.5, 3.3

The Tekno RC Brushless Conversion for the Traxxas REVO 2.5 and 3.3 has arrived! The REVO was already the best racing/bashing MT ever made - and it just got better!

This brushless conversion kit was designed around performance and reliability. Tekno have been testing this design over the past year and the results have been simply amazing. Easily keep up with truggies and literally blow away any MT on the race track. Race run times of 15+ minutes means you can participate in most club's nitro main events. Bash times may vary, but we routinely get over 20 minutes of bash time on a single charge. Your mileage may vary depending on motor, battery, and ESC used. We've heard reports of 40+ minutes of run time. It all depends on your setup and driving style.

Benefits - faster acceleration, higher top speed, predictable performance from pack to pack - no matter what the weather is, no engine tuning, no break-in, no air filter cleaning, no after-run maintenance, no oily mess, less pit gear required, fewer batteries to charge (no starter box battery, no RX battery, no glow igniter battery), no engine rebuilding or new pistons and sleeves, happier neighbors, far less upkeep and operating expenses after initial investment.
Save 5% - $142.99

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