Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Castle Creations Mamba Competition-X Pack for 1/18th scale

The Mamba systems are capable of up to FIVE TIMES the speed and power of stock 1/18th scale power systems. As with any high-power capable electric system, the batteries you use will be the dominant factor affecting overall performance. In order to be capable of a large increase in performance over the stock system, the stock batteries and connectors must be replaced with high power capable cells and connectors. We recommend GP1100 cells, or packs made with GP1100 cells, and Deans Ultra connectors, for unlimited acceleration and best top speed. With lesser cells/packs, and with the stock connectors, the Mamba ESC will still operate fully and smoothly in almost all cases, but will limit acceleration so as not to overdraw and harm the batteries
Save 15% - $135.96

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