Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ofna Racing Hyper 8 Pro Kit

The new Hyper 8, by HoBao, has been redeveloped from the ground up, incorporating the most successful aspects of the world reknowned classic Hyper 7, along with the newest engineering and manufacturing techniques, to bring you the most technologically advanced and economically modest Gas/Nitro RC Race Buggy in the world. Everything has been lightened and strengthened, while the focus remains on professional performance and ease of maintenance. Trick polished chrome and high quality aluminum give the Hyper 8 the bling to stand out from the crowd. Beautiful form and aggressive function at an affordable price. Pro drivers like Jeremy Kortz and World Champ Greg Dagani have made the switch to the International Hyper Team to drive the new Hyper 8 by HoBao. But why should they enjoy all the success? Get your own Hyper 8 today and become part of the winning team!!
Save 50% - $399.95

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