Sunday, June 7, 2009

Summit Electric 4WD Monster Truck RTR with EVX2 ESC

Monster truck innovation reaches a new high in the Traxxas Summit. Equipped with the first-ever remote locking differential system (patent pending), Summit allows you to independently lock and unlock the front and rear differentials right from your transmitter. In second gear, Summit delivers all the fun of blazing down the track or trail and attacking jumps at speed with the sure-footed feel you expect from its E-Revo DNA. When the trail ends in an impossible climb, there's no need to turn around; just drop the transmission into first gear for a super-low 70:1 gear ratio and lock the front and rear T-Lock differentials for maximum traction. When you've cleaned the climb and it's time for a high-speed descent, flip the switch to unlock the diffs, grab second gear, and hit the trail. Summit goes where no solid axle truck can thanks to its exclusive linkage based suspension system that includes unmatched suspension travel, tunable progressive damping and independent ride height adjustment. The proven 16.8 volt EVX-2 electronic speed control delivers massive torque through a powerful Titan 775 motor. Threaded-body aluminum shocks and dual digital, ball-bearing steering servos give Summit precise handling in any terrain, at any speed. And for total control even in wet conditions, Summit is equipped with exclusive, fully water-sealed electronics. Only Traxxas makes it possible to run through water, mud and snow without worry. Summit is offered fully assembled and Ready-To-Drive with the TQ-4 radio system and EVX-2 electronic speed control.

Price: $489.88