Saturday, June 13, 2009

E-Revo Racing Monster Truck w/ TQ Radio & EVX-2

Once again, Traxxas has broken new ground with unprecedented innovation and performance. The New E-Revo is the most advanced electric racing monster truck ever created. The 6-time National Champion REVO is already the pinnacle of engineering in the Nitro arena and now E-Revo breaks open an entire new category that embraces today’s electric technology. Built from the start to be electric, E-Revo harnesses all the advantages that electric power brings to the race. The integrated battery compartments position the weight of the batteries as low and as close to the centerline of the chassis as possible. A smooth center skid plate adds strength and beauty while it shields critical driveline components. The low center of gravity, balanced weight distribution, and incredible torsional rigidity yields the best handling Revo platform ever.

Price: $418.88



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